Practical Guide for Funerals

The Government’s guidance on social distancing, self-isolation and shielding is continuing to have a major impact on our lives, including the way funerals are conducted.

Before the funeral

When I call you to discuss where we meet to plan the service, we will decide together what is the most convenient and safest way of doing this, whether it be face-to-face somewhere mutually convenient, on Zoom, WhatsApp video, or by phone.

Planning the funeral

  • There are no legal limits on the number of people who can attend funerals or commemorative events, however, it may be harder to manage the risk of spreading Covid-19 if spaces are crowded, and venue operators may choose to set their own limits. The number allowed will be verified during the planning process.
  • Those who are self-isolating may be offered the opportunity to join the service via livestreaming, depending on what is practical and available. Failing this, a recording can be made which is sent to anyone unable to attend, after the service.
  • Where no video or audio link can be achieved, I can provide a full text of the service either by email or post.

During the funeral

  • There will be no requirement to stay two metres apart from people you do not live with, and venues are not required to follow social distancing rules.
  • Restrictions on singing, chanting and dancing have been lifted.
  • Face coverings will no longer be required by law in any setting. However the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas.
  • There will be variations in how service venue operators participate in NHS Test and Trace from 19th July. Some may still require contact details of mourners until at least 16th August, and possibly beyond, whilst others will expect people attending funerals to scan a venue QR code with their smartphones.


I will do the best I possibly can to support you through this time. We have learnt that we have to be flexible in our approach, and as the situation is constantly changing there are no guarantees from one week to the next. If there comes a time when I am unable to work through self-isolation or illness, you will be informed straight away and an alternative celebrant will be offered to deliver the service.

Thank you

I wish you well and hope you have found some answers to your questions here. Please call me if you wish to discuss how to honour your loved one in a proper and meaningful way in this time of change.

Frances Tulley.

Upcoming Events
On behalf of us all I would like to sincerely thank you for leading our goodbye to Mum at Clayton Wood last Tuesday. It was a beautiful service - moving, whilst calm and peaceful, and we very much appreciated your sensitivity and thoughtfulness. From our first communication, you put us at ease, showing interest in each of us individually, and encouraging and guiding us through our preparation for last Tuesday and the service itself. Your friendly, gentle and caring approach has helped us greatly at this time. F.B.
Thank you for all your understanding, help and kindness in steering us through organising G's funeral to the point where we actually came to understand what we wanted. The outcome was a wonderful service that you conducted with such warmth and inclusiveness, that was a celebration of G's life. So many people commented on how impressive you were. We are now able to look back on the ceremony with happiness, through the sadness, which is an outcome we never thought possible. A.W.
Thank you very much, on behalf of the whole family, for the wonderfully serene way you conducted my father's funeral. Your calmness and dignity helped us through what was, for all of us a painful event. You read the eulogy so beautifully. N.J.
Thank you so much for the beautiful and sensitive delivery of S's service. We really appreciate your hard work, support and kindness. J.B.